Discover what others are thinking and what they are doing about ministering in a time of great change.



We provoke local leaders in our regions towards a new future through a variety of events that we host. God is producing a hope in His people for the future and our seminars and workshops are intended to produce a picture of the future that instills a sense of dependence on God, a deeper love for the church and a creative imagination for helping local missionaries believe in neighbourhood transformation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



We want to equip you with as much material as we can. While we’re all on a journey of learning and navigating what it looks like to live faithfully as a witness of the Kingdom in our neighbourhoods there are some quintessential books, articles, and study guides that help shape our thought and understanding in our growth.



Our year long cohort consists of four periodic workshops that span 3 days in different locations throughout the year. This cohort involves missional coaching the dynamic practitioners that help train leaders and help churches develop a missional plan for their specific context.