Speaker Request Form

Thank you for your interest in Forge Canada. The following questions are designed to help give us a sense of the culture and context of your event and venue to assist us both in determining whether this speaking engagement is an appropriate fit for us at this time and in knowing how best to prepare for the messages at this event. Please complete the following items and return this document to Forge Canada so that we can give consideration to your request.

  • The speaker’s rate is $750/day plus travel and accommodation expenses. If finances are an issue, please comment in the box above. We suggest partnering through a denomination or with other churches in the area. Specific arrangements for this speaking engagement along with any arrangements for advertising and advance communication can be discussed with the team at Forge Canada. We look forward to discussing the speaking possibilities with you. Thanks!


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Forge Hubs

Forge hubs are clusters of new and existing missional leaders who are gathered together in community in a city for the purpose of journeying towards a more missional expression of the church in Canada.

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