Many of us as leaders have been inadvertently producing people who are consumers of religious goods and services. We have never set out to do that, nor have those we lead tried to become consumers. But many have articulated that instead of engaging in the production of these religious goods and services, we need to be challenged toward the process of making disciples/missionaries who are consumed with joining God on mission.


It is no secret that our churches are caught up in the trappings of consumer culture. Unintentionally, we have become providers of religious goods and services to the religious consumers in our market share. This is not the gospel. And it does not help us to participate in God’s mission. We must stop acting like church is only a provider of religious goods and services, and start living as a gospeled people. We do this by remembering and retelling the gospel story as one of gift and participation. As gift, the gospel challenges and upsets our allegiances. As participation, the gospel  invites us into a new world, to live within an alternative story about the way things are, to live a peculiar and particular kind of life in and with God’s called and sent people.

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Forge hubs are clusters of new and existing missional leaders who are gathered together in community in a city for the purpose of journeying towards a more missional expression of the church in Canada.

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