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July 2016 Issue Featuring:

  • * “Faithful” by Cam Roxburgh
  • * “Living Into a Kingdom Vision” by Tim Dickau
  • * “New to Missional” by Dana Goodnough
  • * “Missional Pioneers” by Preston Pouteaux
  • * “From Door to Core” by Dennis Gulley
  • * “Prayerful, Intentional, Regular Practice” by  Nathan Zug
  • * “Sent in Cincinnati” by Mark Jones


Mission Is V1

December 2015 Issue Featuring:

  • * “Mission is Now” by Cam Roxburgh
  • * “Mission is More” by Cam Roxburgh
  • * “Mission is Simple” by Anthony Brown
  • * “Mission is Hard” by Merv Budd
  • * “Mission is Messy” by Karen Wilk
  • * “Mission is Slow” by Preston Pouteaux


Kingdom Title

June 2015 Issue Featuring:

  • * “You Might Be a Kingdom-Mission Church If You…” by Scot McKnight
  • * Interview with Reggie McNeal
  • * “How Are We To Relate to the Kingdom?” by Karen Wilk
  • * “Witnessing the Kingdom” by Scott Hagley
  • * Book Review by Scott Hagley


Header January 2015


January 2015 Issue Featuring:

  • * “Finding our Way Back Home” by Scott Hagley
  • * “Place Matters” by Cheryl Russell
  • * “Engaging the Neighbourhood” by Jeff Van Putten
  • * “A Heart for the City” by Greg Theissen
  • * Book Reviews by Preston Pouteaux


Header November 2014

 November 2014 Issue Featuring:

  • * “The Critical Importance of Place” by Cam Roxburgh
  • * “Placed Creation” by Alan Roxburgh
  • * Interview with Glen Smith
  • * “Finding Level Ground” by Karen Heidebrecht Theissen
  • * “Abundant Communities and the God of Israel” by Scott Hagley… and more…


Back to Basics Background

 October 2014 Issue Featuring:

  • * “Finding Our Way” by Scott Hagley
  • * “Missional Church” by Alan Roxburgh
  • * “A Conversation with Darrell Guder”
  • * “Story of the Link Church” by Preston Pouteaux and more…


June 2014 Banner

 June 2014 Issue Featuring:

  • * “The Greatest Advice I Ever Received” by Cam Roxburgh
  • * “Starfish Community” by Karen Wilk
  • * “The Abundant Community in Real Life: Interview with Howard Lawrence”
  • * “The Renewal of Church and Community” by Scott Hagley and more…


Discipleship header Jan 2014 Online

 March 2014 Issue Featuring:

  • * “Pendulum” by Cam Roxburgh
  • * “Sentness Spirituality” by Kim Hammond and Darren Cronshaw
  • * “Spiritual Formation for the Sake of the World” by Scott Hagley
  • * Book Review: Text and Context by Preston Pouteaux
  • * Book Review: Missional Spirituality by Scott Hagley



Yes Stories header Jan 2014

January 2014 Issue Featuring:

  • * “Yes Stories” by Scott Hagley
  • * “Following God in the Neighbourhood” by Mark Love
  • * “It Started with a Front Porch” by Ryan and Kathryn Cochran
  • * “They’re Neighbours” by Kurt Rietema
  • * “Go Figure” by Steve Bains


Missional Leadership banner 644 by 330

December 2013 Issue Featuring:

  • * “Leadership for our New Missional Era” by Scott Hagley
  • * “Missional Leadership” by Cam Roxburgh
  • * “Leadership Zones” by by Len Hjalmarson
  • * “Leading on the Edge of the Promised Land” by Karen Wilk
  • * “The Unleader: A Conversation with Lance Ford”
  • * “Jesus Mission” by Mark Chase
  • * Book Review: Unleader by Lance Ford

Why Missional banner 644 by 330

  • October 2013 Issue Featuring:

  •   * “Why Missional” by Scott Hagley
  •   * “Confessions of a Seeker Targeted Pastor” by Cam Roxburgh
  •   * “Mission as Key to Unlocking the Grand Story of the  Bible” by Michael W. Goheen
  •   * “Trinity and Mission” by Scott Hagley
  •   * Book Review: The Missional Quest: Becoming a Church for the Long Run by Lance Ford and Brad Brisco

One Another banner 644 by 330

  • May 2013 Issue Featuring:
  • * “One for All – All for Jesus” by Cam Roxburgh
  • * “Living in Community” by Jamie Arpin-Ricci
  • * “Green Shoots in a Complex Place” by by Preston Pouteaux
  • * “Community Shaped by the Missio Dei” by Karen Wilk
  • * “Intentional Communities: A Road Trip” with Graham McMahon
  • *  Book Review: Life Together/Prayerbook of the Bible by Dietrich Bonhoeffer



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