“aXiom” – An Introduction to Missional Church

aXiom – Finding Hope for the Canadian Church in a Changing Context

aXiom was created to help leaders from churches and neighbourhoods find a path towards hope for the church in a changing context. The church has been marginalized in the Canadian scene, but, rather than despair, we believe that there are some ancient truths about the nature of God, His people and the mission that He invites us to participate in that bring a sense of hope for the future. In a time of turmoil, aXiom is designed to
produce a picture of the future that will instill a sense of dependence on God, a deeper love for the church, and a creative imagination for helping local missionaries to believe in neighbourhood transformation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

These leaders from Forge teach aXiom alongside of help from local leaders:

Karen Wilk

Karen is also on the Forge Team as a neighbourhood missional practioner and teacher. She has been a pastor in several local churches for almost 25 years and has served in a number of missional leadership capacities with her denomination. She is the author of a number of devotional books, her most recent being, “Don’t Invite Them to Church – Moving from a Come and See to a Go and Be Church”.

Howard Lawrence

Howard has served as a senior pastor in a number of churches for over twenty years. On staff with Forge, he helps churches, denominations and leaders to see neighbourhood churches emerging in an increasing number of communities. Howard has also served his denomination as a missional consultant and was the National Director for the Connecting Church in Canada.

Cam Roxburgh

Cam is the National Director of Forge. He has been teaching aXiom material in some shape or form for 10 years in various cities across Canada and internationally. Cam is also the National Director of Church Planting Canada and is the Senior Pastor at Southside Community Church, a multi-congregational church in the Vancouver, BC area.

Anthony Brown

Anthony is the Director of Education for Forge. He has a long history of helping leaders and churches to transform their neighbourhoods in Vancouver and in his native land, England. He currently teaches at Regent College in Vancouver and preaches often at various churches around Vancouver, BC.

aXiom is divided into six sessions which are primarily based on Jesus’ words to a leader in those days about the greatest commandment.

Session 1 – Introduction to Missional Church
A look at theology, missiology and ecclesiology.

Session 2 – Heart
How personal spiritual discipline and corporate practices of worship are crucial parts of what it means to be a missional people.

Session 3 – Mind
How a commitment to the study and application of God’s revelation of Himself to us can shape our lives and bring about neighbourhood transformation.

Session 4 – Strength
How time-tested practices of stewardship of our time, treasure, talents and creation are integral to carrying out God’s mission.

Session 5 – Neighbour
Living out our faith while not abandoning the proclamation of the greatest news ever.

Session 6 – One Another
How the way we learn to live together biblically affects the very nature of community.

* aXiom is specifically designed to bring practical help to leaders who desire to see a fresh approach to how we are doing/being church. Besides some teaching, there are many designed discussions, reading and practical assignments to help the learning process.

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